Jen's Pet Sitting for Santa Barbara California

Looking for someone to give your pet the attention and affection they deserve while you're away? Walk your dog when you don't have the time? You've come to the right place. My name is Jen, I am your Santa Barbara Pet Sitter. Growing up around animals, I've always adored them. I will not only feed and water you pet, but also spend time with them as you see fit. I have affordable prices and will tailor my services to meet you and your pet's needs.

Dog, Cat, Pet Sitting:
  • Dog beach visit with bath
  • Cat, Dog and House Sitting
  • Walking starting at $15, Visits for potty breaks, walk and visit while your away.
  • Hotel pet sitting available so your pet are not scared and alone in hotel.
  • Contact for pricing
  • Prices may vary 50% deposit required.

Benefits of Pet Sitting Services

  • You will have complete peace of mind knowing your animals are just a phone call away, being well cared for by a professional.
  • Always a team to back up care.
  • Email/text with pictures sent as updates.
  • Report cards on your pets time with us.
  • Your friends and neighbors will not be burdened by your pets.
  • For pets that don't travel well your animals will avoid the extra stress involved with traveling.
  • Your animals will be on their regular diet, eating only their food and/or treats.
  • Your pets will all receive love and attention.
  • Your dogs and cats are comfortable in the environment they know best – HOME!
  • Dog walks or runs everyday are included!
  • Your pet is in it's familiar place with no interaction or unknown sounds by other dogs.
  • Your home will have a lived in appearance. An added FREE security benefit.
  • Mail and newspaper retrieval, watering of plants, alternating blinds and lighting and more – we do a lot more than just care for animals and we tabulate it all on a checklist.
  • When you arrive home, your pets will be there to welcome you.
  • Prices may vary according to situation and number of pets.

    Drop-ins welcome for a night on the town, day at the beach or whatever you may be planning. Starting at $35.

    Jen has newly returned to Santa Barbara, I grew up here and am so excited to be home. I enjoy spending time with animals and are ready to give your best friend the attention they deserve while you are away.

    This is not a kennel. No medically dependant pets. We prefer pets stay cozy in familiar surroundings of home. 50% deposit required.